The Vestor trainers

Lucian Fares teaches financial education courses and is the Head of Education Department at Vestor. He says that the financial education he provides is important because the Romanian education system does not include it.

George Busuioc is a Coach Risk Manager and teaches 1 on 1 courses at Vestor, a bold Romanian company that provides financial education to all those that wish to take care of their money and profitably and usefully navigate the treacherous waters we all experience now.

Ionuț Pătlăgică is a coach and business adviser at Vestor, the company that teaches Romanians how to become traders and get money independently. He guides himself after a constant learning principle and he also uses it to teach his students the means for Romanians to win from trading via 1 on 1 courses.

Nicoleta Nicolae – coach and specialist in trading psychology – observes new trends on the Romanian market, it shows that lately people are more and more eager to inform themselves about finances.

Vestor brings financial education in the position to transform those interested in it to become free agents, like the company’s Marketing Strategist explained.