More and more people of all ages are turning to trading courses to learn or improve in the field. Trading is the process of buying or selling financial instruments on the stock or cryptocurrency markets. It is a strategic choice by which you can increase your savings, earning additional income for a better living.

Before moving on to practice, allow sufficient time for the documentation stage. It is an essential step that can influence your success or failure in the field. Therefore, it is ideal to select a series of specialized readings and participate in trading courses offered by specialists. In addition to knowledge, you will also need:

A trading specialist can also advise you on the platform you should select and the trading style you should approach. Depending on the investment horizon you want to follow, you will also choose your ideal platform.

What popular trading books are worth reading?


The most well-known books in the field can be the ones you can use as a guide to start with. Also, to become a true master in the art of trading, it is recommended to take specialized trading courses. So, what books could you start your documentation with?

1. Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager

It represents one of the most popular books in the field. The book consists of interviews of various successful traders who reveal their own path to success. It is full of information that you yourself can use in practice.

It’s a read that presents you with success stories rather than simply telling you what to do. Throughout the writing, the author focuses on answering the question “What differentiates successful traders from the rest of the investors?”. So, if you want to enjoy a pleasant read and real stories of successful people, Market Wizards is the ideal choice!

2. Trading. Tools and Tactics by Greg Capra

The author makes the entire process seem simple, helping you understand why prices change and how to identify those market fluctuations. Thus, trading is based on finding a profitable price change pattern and identifying the ideal time to invest.

The main advantage of the book is represented by the fact that it is a reading for everyone. You also won’t get lost in long strings of concepts that you probably won’t even put into practice.

3. Come into my trading room by Alexander Elder

It’s the perfect book to get you started in the field. It is an introduction to the essentials of trading where you can start your journey. It focuses on the presentation of the so-called 3M, indispensable pillars in investment practice: Mind, Method and Money (mind, method and money). After such a reading you can be sure that you are ready to move on to the next step – trading courses.

4. How to trade into stocks by Jesse Livermore

The author is one of the most successful investors of all time. The present book contains both bibliographical and historical notes on the field. Topics such as money management, controlling emotions, and reading market and stock exchange behaviors are covered. Also, the recipe that brought Livermore success is combined with modern methods to achieve the updated result of the present moment.

5. Swing trading for dummies by Omar Bassal

The book shows you everything that the swing trading approach entails in the field. Although it is very profitable, you simultaneously expose yourself to risks that you need to know how to manage. It is a complete guide written for the understanding of all beginners who want to enter the field. So, if you want to increase your profit in a fast way, swing trading is the option that suits you best.

What trading courses you should choose?


After you have documented yourself about everything that the trading process entails, it is time to turn to specialists. Thus, you will be able to deepen what you have already learned or even put it into practice. However, it is important to pay attention to the choice of quality courses, supported by well-trained people.

Also, even if you are already an investor in the market, you can find trading courses to help you evolve. Thus, you will be able to exponentially increase your profit in a much shorter time. The help of professionals will make your journey easier. So, trading is a process that needs a lot of documentation and attention.

It also includes even psychological areas, such as controlling emotions, an essential element in any kind of investment. It is very easy to be influenced by the emotions of the moment and make choices that may affect your profit in the short or long term.