Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for using the www.vestor.ro website and the services offered by CG VESTOR FACILITY SRL.

A. Clarifications

  1. Accessing trainings: registrations and payments
  2. Personal and Confidential Information
  3. Intellectual property
  4. Security
  5. Links to other websites
  6. Using the vestor.ro website
  7. Terms and Conditions termination
  8. Announcements
  9. Final clarifications
  10. Accepting the Terms
  11. Force majeure
  12. Online payments


  1. Clarifications


1.1. Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions, because visiting and/or using the CG Vestor Facility SRL website you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. We recommend you read the Terms and Conditions at different times because CG Vestor Facility SRL reserves its rights to frequently modify them without prior announcement.

1.2. We will notify you for any change in the Terms and Conditions with website displays. The changes are done in a way that can be reckoned as accepted by the user if they continue to use the service after displaying it on the website in the Terms and Conditions page.

1.3. Using our products, apps, services, software apps and websites by you, excepting the services that are supplied through a separate written contract, is governed by the terms of said document.

1.4. With the exception of a contrary agreement finished in writing with CG Vestor Facility SRL, your contract with CG Vestor Facility SRL will always include at least the Terms and Conditions included in this document. They will be named “Terms and Conditions” from now on.

1.5. “CG VESTOR FACILITY SRL” is a company registered at the Commerce Register Office at Bucharest Courthouse, according to the current legislation. This website and its offered services are the property of CG Vestor Facility SRL and is controlled exclusively by it, the legal person with headquarters in Romania. Any legal dispute linked to accessing and using this website is subject to Romanian law and is exclusively a part of the jurisdiction of Romanian courts.

1.6. The “Partners” notion refers to suppliers, internal and external product and services suppliers that mean the CG Vestor Facility offer, clients and other partner organizations.


  1. Accessing trainings: registrations and payments


2.1. The user will be able to choose the trainings they will participate in, using the vestor.ro interface

2.2. The user will be able to access any course from the offer, within the available limited slots and the eligibility criteria established for each training.

2.3. For a valid registration at a course, the user will have to supply some personal data that they will have to fill in the dedicated fields in the section “……….”. In case the data is incomplete or incorrect, CG Vestor Facility reserves the right to not validate the registration and not secure a slot for the course.

2.4. After the registration, CG Vestor Facility sends the user a pro-forma invoice (that also serves as a confirmation for the reservation of the course). This will be sent to the user on the e-mail address filled by them in the section ……….

2.5. The pro-forma invoice is automatically generated, so CG Vestor Facility reserves its unconditional right to annul the pro-forma invoice and offer explanations to the user at their request.

2.6. In case the user finishes the registration and does not receive the pro-forma invoice at the email address they supplied, they will be asked to announce CG Vestor Facility at [email protected]

2.7. CG Vestor Facility does everything in its power to display clear information regarding the training’s deployment. If this information is not understood by the user or they find it unclear, the user is asked to contact CG Vestor Facility for clarifications.

2.8. The user has the obligation to remember the date the training he registered for takes place, the schedule as well as the location. Also, the user has the obligation to follow the vestor.ro website to be up to date with potential changes that can intervene.

2.9. In case the user registers for a training, they have the obligation to pay the participation tax in the timeline mentioned on the website on the selected course page or, in case that page does not mention a timeline, in a maximal timeline of ………. days from the pro-forma invoice issuing, but no later than the day of the start of the course. Not paying the full amount of the pro-forma invoice until these deadlines brings the waiver of the course participation.

2.10. CG Vestor Facility applies two discounts: old customer (discount ………. Lei from the course price for the people that have participated at other courses) and volume (discount ………. Lei from the course price for those who have registered two or more people or buy two or more courses). The two discounts are not cumulated and they apply only when the course value exceeds ………. Lei.

2.11. Paying the trainings participation tax represents the user’s confirmation that they wish to participate at the training and it also represents the fact that the user has read the terms and conditions, as well as what does the participation tax include according to the information displayed for each individual course.

2.12. If the user pays the participation tax (in full or partially) and after that, for any reason, does not wish or cannot participate anymore, the amounts are not refundable.

2.13. The user will always have the right to delegate another person to participate at the course, without having to pay an additional tax and with a single condition to announce CG Vestor Facility in written with at least 24 hours prior to the course’s beginning.


  1. Personal information and confidentiality


3.1. CG Vestor Facility respects the right to personal data privacy and will use the collected information from the www.vestor.ro website only for the declared purposes.

3.2. The confidentiality policy represents the way we use personal data received from you when you visit the CG Vestor Facility website.

3.3. As a result of you using the website, CG Vestor Facility can obtain diverse personal information about you (first name, last name, landline or mobile phone number etc.) when you request information about one of the courses held by us, when you send us a message or when you express your opinion about the services offered by our company.

3.4. The information regarding your personal data will be processed by CG Vestor Facility in accordance with the provisions of Laws 677/2001 for the people’s protection regarding personal data processing and the free movement of this data, with the changes and updates followed, which can be used for purposes associated to company service and product marketing, like:

  • Offering products and/or services for you;
  • Answering questions, requests, proposals and suggestions from you
  • Processing orders and requests from you
  • Issuing invoice documents
  • Crafting product and service marketing for CG Vestor Facility, conducting market and product research;
  • Contacting you via phone, mail, email, fax, text messages etc. regarding our product and service offer;
  • Allocating or offering potential discounts or benefits.


  1. Security

4.1. CG Vestor Facility tries to maintain the security of the information included in this website, but it cannot guarantee that the information the Guest/User receives or sends through this website will be permanently safe.

4.2. CG Vestor Facility cannot control and does not offer any warranties regarding the security or contents of the information included in this website and does not assume responsibility for any kind of loss, no matter its nature.

4.3. All the resources included on this website belong to CG Vestor Facility, the users are obliged to not:

– modify, distribute, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, license, create derived products, transfer or sell any type of information or services obtained from or through this website;

– not conduct (and to not allow) cracking or hacking activities or “Denial of Service” type attacks. The CG Vestor Facility website can contain links that lead to other websites. The terms of use, as well as the Confidentiality Policy, do not apply to these websites. Ensure you have read the terms of use and the confidentiality policy that govern these websites.

4.4. You agree and confirm the fact that you are responsible for keeping the privacy of the passwords associated to the accounts you use to access the Services.


  1. Links to other websites


5.1. This website can contain links to other websites of CG Vestor Facility and its partners.

5.2. CG Vestor Facility does not answer for these websites’ terms of use, this declaration referring only to the Terms and usage rules of the vestor.ro website.


  1. Using the vestor.ro website


6.1. Any guest/user of this website can visit, copy, print or distribute information and documents published by CG Vestor Facility through this website, with the condition that is conducted for personal use, to not be a part of a commercial activity, to be for informational purposes, to mandatory mention the CG Vestor Facility (vestor.ro) source, no matter the use type.

6.2. The guest/user understands and agrees to use the vestor.ro website only in legal purposes. The guest/user will only use this website without modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, publishing, licensing, creating derived products, transferring or selling any kind of information, products or services obtained from or through this website. The guest/user will also only not use or allow third parties to use this website to receive or transmit resources that contradict any current law or legal provision, of an obscene manner, threatening, aggressive or defamatory.

6.3. In order to have access to some Services, you may be asked to send information about yourself (like identification data or contact details) as part of the registration process for a Service, or for continuing to use the Service by you. You agree that the registration information you provide to the CG Vestor Facility company will always be true, correct and up to date.

6.4. You agree not to access (or to now try to access) neither of the Services through other means than the interface offered by CG Vestor Facility, with the exception in which you were specifically allowed to do this through a separate contract with CG Vestor Facility.

6.5. You agree not to be a part of any activity that interferes with the Services or that affects them (or the servers and networks that are connected to the Services).

6.6. In the exception in which you are permitted this via a separate contract with CG Vestor Facility, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or market or resell the Services in any way.

6.7. You agree you are the sole responsible (and CG Vestor Facility has no responsibility towards you or third parties) for any obligation violation on your part, referred to in Terms and Conditions and for any consequences that can appear after such a violation.


  1. Terms and Conditions termination


7.1. If you wish to terminate the contract signed with CG Vestor Facility, you can do this by (a) sending at any moment a notification to CG Vestor Facility and (b) closing your accounts for the Services you are using. Your notification must be sent at the email address vestor.ro

7.2. CG Vestor Facility can terminate at any time this legal contract if:

7.2.1. You have violated any of the provisions from these Terms; or

7.2.2. CG Vestor Facility has a legal obligation to proceed in such a way (for example, if supplying Services to you is or becomes illegal); or

7.2.3. No provision from these Terms will affect the legal rights you are entitled to as a customer and that you cannot modify or give up on according to the contract.


  1. Accepting the Terms


8.1. By effectively using our Services it is to be considered that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, you are confirming and accepting the fact that CG Vestor Facility will consider your use of the Services as an acceptance of the Terms starting with that moment.

8.2. You cannot use the Services and you cannot accept the Terms if you do not have the legal age to sign a contract with CG Vestor Facility, or you are a person who is not allowed to receive Services as per Romanian law.


  1. Force majeure and fortuitous case


9.1. Excepting the cases that do not have provisioned other way, no party from those who signed the contract, that is still active, will be responsible for not enforcing before the deadline and/or accordingly, totally or partially, of each obligation incumbent by the contract, if not enforcing of said obligation was caused by a force majeure event.

9.2. The party or the party’s legal representative that invokes the event mentioned above is mandated to let the other party know, immediately and completely, its production and to take any measures necessary to limit the consequences of said event.

9.3. The party or the party’s legal representative that invokes the event mentioned above is exonerated from this obligation only in the case this event prevents them to fulfill it.

9.4. If the event does not stop for 15 days since the data of its beginning, each party has the right to notify the other party the termination of this contract without any of them asking for damage from the other.

9.5. The party that invokes the fore majeure event has to prove the impossibility of fulfilling its obligations in 30 days since the start of the event, but in the limits of art 12.3.


  1. Online payments


10.1. Participation at a course can be paid online just by using a bank card. Following the payment, you will be contacted by the CG Vestor Facility team to confirm the participation.

10.2. Online paid participations cannot be exchanged and the sum paid cannot be returned.

10.3. Contact the National Authority for Customer Protection anpc.gov.ro.

Info Customer: 0800.080.999.

10.4. For any technical issues you can contact [email protected].


  1. Legal disputes


11.1. By using/visiting/visualizing/etc. the websites and/or any content sent by CG Vestor Facility to the Member/Client through accessing and/or dispatching by any means (electronically, by phone etc.), they are agreeing with at least the provisions from
“Terms and Conditions”.

11.2. Any legal dispute referring to said Terms and Conditions that may appear between the Member/Client and CG Vestor Facility will be solved through an amicable agreement.

11.3. Any legal dispute, by any kind, that may appear between the Member/Client and CG Vestor Facility or its partners will be solved through an amicable agreement. If this will not be possible, the confliect will be solved by a competent court, in accordonace to the applicable legal provisions.

11.4. If any of the clauses mentioned above will be found null or invalid, no matter the cause, this clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses.

11.5. This document was written and will be interpreted according to Romanian law. The applicable law – the Present Contract Jurisdiction applies to Romanian law. Potential legal disputes appearing between CG Vestor Facility and Clients will be solved amicably or, in case this will not be possible, the legal disputes will be solved by Romanian courts, competent from the Bucharest municipality.


  1. Contact and other information


12.1. In case there are questions or suggestions about CG Vestor Facility, please contact us at 0786 981 427, from Monday to Friday, schedule 11:00 – 19:00, or by e-mail at [email protected].

12.2. Any comments, questions, feedback, ideas, suggestions or other forms of communication or information about or referring to the vestor.ro website, its function or improving it will remain the property of CG Vestor Facility.

12.3. The personal data protection responsible can be contacted at the dedicated e-mail address: [email protected]

The presented and sold products by the CG Vestor Facility company do not offer a warranty of success in financial activities/profit through investing; they do not promise nor guarantee a profit/percent in a domain where there are no such warranties. All of our products represent methods of personal development in the financial investment domain and they do not represent an accredited form on learning. The prices of the products, one paid, cannot be reimbursed in any way.

Through purchasing any product from our website, you give your consent on all those mentioned above. The CG VESTOR FACILITY SRL company has no obligation towards the Client other than to hold the unaccredited course, it’s not responsible for the coming results of the Client. The client has no right/claim from the CG VESTOR FACILITY company under any circumstance from the moment of the purchase, in the past, present or future.

The CG VESTOR FACILITY SRL company does not offer investment services or financial counseling, the Client has free will on the decisions they take. There are no warranty contracts/percent between the CG VESTOR FACILITY SRL company and the Client. The CG VESTOR FACILITY SRL employees do not promise/guarantee under any circumstance under terms such as: “guaranteed profit/ensured”. The CG VESTOR FACILITY SRL company is not responsible for the platform choice/transaction method, in case the client decides after the course to invest.