Vestor Server

The Vestor Server package includes:

  • access to the Vestor server
  • Market monitoring

494,100.00 RON




1 on 1


Access to the

Vestor community

Insight into

investment concepts

Besides the previous courses' benefits and information, the 4th course offers you:

  • 24/5 guaranteed support from Monday to Friday;
  • Training (bespoke consultancy) 1by1 with our specialists on a demo account with fictional money – tokens;
  • consultancy regarding the collaboration choice with an accredited broker;
  • subscription to the company’s trading signals service.
With help from the things learned from my instructor Florin, a great man which had the kindness to practice trading with me on a demo account, I've managed to double my investment in my account in under a month - which was opened for more than a year at a foreign broker. I wasn't able to make profit before because I was lacking vision. Respect to the Vestor team! Give yourself a chance, I was reluctant too at the beginning, until the first session! All the best to you!

Respect to the Vestor team. I'm glad to see that we too have dedicated traders that save time for projects like this, through which us, the others, manage to "steal" knowledge.

Mihail K.
A very nice and intelligent project for Romania, it's something unique! My instructor, Alexandru, had a stellar patience with me and made me understand everything in a pleasant way. I recommend Vestor for anyone who doesn't know how to start in this industry.

Valentin Moise
I want to thank you for the dedication you've shown me. A quality service that I recommend dearly. Initially I was a bit skeptical, but after the first session I was more interested to see what comes next. Congratulations to this team and to this project!

Andrei P.
Today I've finished the second module with Andrei. The next session will practical, on a demo account with fictional money. I find it very interesting that they adapt to your schedule, the sessions are not long and boring, everything is very well compressed.

Andrei Mosean
Well structured and complex courses, but easy to understand by anyone. I recommend you with my trust and I cannot wait for the next session.

Cristian Alexandrescu
Today's session was great, Claudiu Alexandru Gheorghe showed me in detail how things work in this industry, the explanations were and are useful. You can see his passion in teaching and helping you.

Crac Claudiu Nicolae
The course held by Gheoghe Claudiu Alexandru was very interesting from my point of view. He explains and introduces you in a very okay manner.

Gemanaru Cristian
Professional and reliable team, a dedicated and experienced staff. Until now we've had a profitable collaboration, let's keep it like that.

Alexandru Călin
I recommend this project! It's the best team that teaches trading courses.

Mariusu Ene
I've arrived here with no experience. I was finding everything so complicated until I've started the courses, but I've concluded that all you need to to is read carefully the guide and be very attentive to the instructor, the rest comes back into place.

Gabriela Chiriță
I recommend you for your seriousity and promptness. You are trustworthy people ready to do the work.

Alina Duduiau
Vestor is the company that I recommend to everyone who wants to upgrade their income. The team's objective is to obtain profit every month.

Codruț Simionescu
An exceptional project in which the team's passion is relentless, their attitude is positive, and the members are experimented and full of life, thank you first of all to Claudiu!

Vlad Damian
Professionals who know very well this industry. You don't need much time and previous knowledge, I recommend it.

Simina Călin