What is a broker and by which criteria are they chosen?

Thinking of getting into trading, but don’t know where to start? The ideal is to resort to specialized trading courses, then select a professional broker to help you. Through such support you can develop faster in the field and have easier access to certain financial markets. If you want to trade online or invest in […]

Which factors influence the stock market?

factori piata bursiera

Investing in the stock market is a very popular topic these days. More and more people want to invest in stocks and gain financial independence in the shortest possible time. However, to be successful in this field, it is necessary to know as much information as possible about the stock market. To begin with, it […]

Risk management – a priority for a trader’s activity

In the field of finance, risk management is a complex and current subject, which involves the ascertainment, analysis and organized reporting of risk factors. Currently, risks are present in all areas of activity, the financial component being directly influenced by them. Managing these risks depends on a person’s abilities to make the most advantageous choices […]